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Man is in pain after accident
Personal Injury

What Does Pain and Suffering Mean?

Key Takeaways: In a personal injury accident, pain and suffering ...
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man awarded $100 million in civil case
Latest News

Man Receives $100 Million In Stun Gun Fall Paralysis Lawsuit

During a foot chase, a police officer shocked a panhandler ...
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lawyer for plane accident
Aviation Accident

Four Killed In North Las Vegas Plane Crash

Four people were killed in a plane crash in North ...
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woman suffers from a TBI after car accident
Car Accidents

How Common Is A TBI After A Car Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. A traumatic brain injury ...
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Sexual Harassment

What To Do If You Are Being Sexually Harassed At Work

It’s estimated that about 75% of people who experience workplace ...
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mom cries with newborn after birth injury
Birth Injury

When Should I Contact A Birth Injury Lawyer?

Childbirth should be a beautiful experience. There’s not much in ...
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