What Must Be Proven With Consumer Fraud?


If you have been a victim of consumer fraud and have suffered damage as a result of misrepresentation, you must prove the following to win your case:

  • The representation given was fact and not opinion
  • The fact was false
  • The fact was material
  • The representation led to financial harm

What is Consumer Fraud?

Consumer fraud occurs when manufacturers or sellers cause consumers harm as a result of providing false information that misrepresented their products.

There are three forms of misrepresentation that arise under common law, including:

  • Intentional Misrepresentation (fraud) – A manufacturer knowingly deceives the consumer by presenting false information
  • Reckless Misrepresentation – A company consciously asserts information that may or may not be truthful
  • Negligent Misrepresentation – A seller carelessly communicates information that should be recognized as false

Best Consumer Fraud Lawyers

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