John Frank Higgins

John is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, which is based on Psychodramatic teachings. These experiences have equipped and trained him with cutting edge trial practices and techniques. He has had success with bench trials, jury trials, and has helped his clients claim countless high dollar trial verdicts, awards, and settlements. John has extensive experience in appeals at both the State and Federal levels.

Robert A. Schuerger II

Robert cut his teeth as a Legislative Aide in the Ohio State House of Representatives while he attended Law School in the evenings.

He saw first hand who had the resources and vowed to fight for the underdog. Robert started his law practice in 2008 and focused on debt collection.

It was in these trenches that he witnessed the struggles of everyday people and how a tragedy could impact their family.

Today he has partnered with Alexander Shunnarah to bring the fight to the insurance companies and work to make sure you get your fair share. 

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