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Daniel Smith

Daniel is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina.  He has seen tragedy and built his experience to stop it.  His knowledge of the legal system and ability to navigate the complex processes allow for his clients to be successful. He is always striving to better himself by participating in and attending numerous conferences.


Marcus Hayes

Born and raised in North Carolina, Marcus began his personal injury career on the insurance defense side representing insurance companies and their negligent drivers.

In doing so, he experienced firsthand how insurance companies prioritize claims and are focused on the bottom line instead of their customers, much less the injured person.

It was during this time that Marcus gained a unique insight that inspired him to move away from the defense side to help individuals and their families that were victims of the negligent behavior of individuals and then victimized again by that person’s insurance company.

He understands insurance company’s tactics, processes and protocols fighting the last 30 years combating those insurance company practices.

Marcus has extensive knowledge and trial experience representing all types of claims including automobile accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability claims, slip & falls, dog attacks, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death and other personal injury claims across the 100 counties of North Carolina from the mountains to the coast.

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